Fellas: Let’s Step Our Game Up

25 Mar

Guys, let’s be real: We should be taking as much pride in our appearance as women do, if not more!
I’d like to touch on several things that need to cease and desist immediately and a few things that we should increase.
Grooming- Many of us get the regular haircut, but not many of us take the time to do the proper after care once we leave the shop. Our ladies don’t like looking at those grotesque hair bumps that sometimes form, and we shouldn’t be waiting until the formation of them before we decide to take care of them. Alot of us don’t go to the dentist until we are in extreme pain, when in actuality we should be doing preventative care by getting regular  checkups. No woman wants to kiss a yukk mouth man, so go take care of that! And if you don’t have dental insurance, then dude you really need to get your stuff together.
Clothes: It’s safe to say that we do our best to dress well, but it doesn’t matter if you spend a stack on your outfit and you aren’t wearing it properly. It’s 2012, if your still sagging your pants go down to 285 and play chicken during rush hour. Dude, grow the hell up! No respectable man should be dressing like that. I don’t care what type of work you do, dress like your the CEO and you’ll be respected as such. Alot of you have taken on the prepster look since Dro started doing it awhile back. But you have put a negative spin on it that has made the style go from good to worse. Wearing your normal size shirt with sagging pants is not cool.  Women don’t want to see your underwear, Hell other men don’t want to see your underwear. So respect the initial purpose of the trend, If you’re going to do the preppy look, do it properly.
Shoes: its safe to say that this is one thing that 95% of the time we get right. But let’s veer away from the tennis shoe and get to the ”grown man” phase of our footwork. Loafers are a very comfortable and casual shoe that can take that  preppy look we’re shooting for from a 5 to a 9 on a 10-point scale.
Overall Hygiene- stop pouring cologne on top of stank! You know that saying, ” I’m not going to sh.t, shave or bathe, until I see better days”, is dumb as hell. If you a street dude or a corporate guy no one, and I mean no one, wants to smell you dude. That’s disrespectful to yourself and everyone around you.
Nails: First off, I’m not telling any man to start going to the nail salon with your ol’ lady but men take better care of your hands and feet. Women don’t like dirty nails and don’t want you to rub your claw feet on them in bed. Take the time to clip them and keep them clean. If your woman really loves you, she won’t mind doing that for you. You’ll never know until your ask her!
I know some of y’all reading this and are probably saying, ”Ninja, we already know this stuff”, but you’d be surprised at how many men haven’t grasped the concept yet.
So fellas, take these things into consideration. If you say you’re the man, then dress the part!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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Posted by on March 25, 2012 in Fashion


One response to “Fellas: Let’s Step Our Game Up

  1. Aerrigo Evans

    March 28, 2012 at 4:13 am

    You hit the nail on the head. To add to it, for the women, stop the men from doing the things to disrespect themselves and you. 99.9% of us do what we do to impress the women so if the women step up and say, “Pull your pants up” or “You cant wear J’s to the places I want to go” then that will begin to break the cycle.


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