The Fashionably Late Fashion Show

03 Apr
The Fashionably Late Fashion Show

On Saturday, March 31, I had the pleasure of attending Something Serious’ 1st annual Fashionably Late Fashion Show and it went quite well. I was very surprised by the overall production…
Upon entry into the venue, you immediately see the nice runway and seating area. Once everyone was seated, we were entertained by a quick dance routine by three young ladies.
The first segment was business casual. As the women entered the runway, we were given a tasteful look at the updated version of the chic woman’s business suit: red blazer, black blouse, and gray trousers with a classic black pump. The second, which was one of my favorites, was a block print black, beige, and white dress paired with a black blazer and a leopard print peep toe wedge shoe. Although I was not a big fan of the shoes, they seemed to work well with entire ensemble. Several other looks came down the runway for the women and then they moved to the men’s business casual. The premier designer for this section was a suitier (yes, that’s his title) named Kahlil Blazia, and he dominated the segment. With three distinct looks for today’s business man. Of the three, my favorite was a black three piece suit that was perfectly paired with a chocolate/white striped shirt and a chocolate and beige polka dot tie, which was tailored exquisitely. Mr. Blazia’s other distinct look was a crème colored/pink lined suit matched with a pink shirt, brown tie and brown shoes. Both looks are must haves for the trendy professional male.

The second segment of the show was dedicated to evening wear. The first dress was a huge pop. The first model in a short sequins dress with a black back drop paired with perfect black pumps fiercely strutted across the stage. As she reached the end, you could see the intricacies of the tailoring and appreciate the detailed effort put forth by the designer. As more and more looks came down the runway, I began to like the segment even more. One of the models wore a cerulean baby doll with a sweetheart neckline that was customized to a “tee”. A sling back champagne colored sparkly dress also stood out as the perfectly sized model (for the dress that is) sauntered down the runway, and caught the attention of every man in the audience! There were several other dresses that were incredible but I have to get to the men’s section of the evening wear. The normal jeans and polo shirts were a given but the ensemble that stood out the most was a design by Mr. Blazia: A gray blazer with a white button down shirt (which was not completely buttoned to the top), lavender (yes I said lavender) pants, and a pair of brown suede loafers. With this outfit I can honestly say I fell in love. The boldness of the pairing was a delight to see, as it was a getaway from the mundane palette that is usually allocated to menswear, which is the basic black’s/grey’s/blue’s for men. To me that was the highlight of the night for men’s fashion!

At the close of the 2nd segment there was an intermission, much needed so that everyone could take in the fashions that they had just seen before. During the intermission, we were entertained by a rapper who did an original piece for the audience. It was cool, but I think that since so many people were moving around during the intermission that his performance wasn’t well received as it should have been. The second performance a bit more lively than the first, was done and back to fashion.
(I keep mentioning the timeline because I liked how it flowed with little error.)

Entering into the second half of the show, we were greeted with ‘Spring Wear’. Ladies, let’s just say Maxi dresses are in for y’all this year. Lady Jay’s boutique brought out some very sexy, yet classy pieces that us men would love to see you all in. Cute tops/skirts with very bright, springy colors adorned the runway for this section. Soul Simplicity, another designer that was great that night, also had a lot of casual spring summer pieces that catered more to the urban crowd. Their range for women was quite broad: A lot of fitted jeans, slim tees, and baseball caps to blazers with shorts and heels. But, it all worked very well together. The men’s spring wear was as expected jean shorts, polo shirts and sneakers. I was hoping to see more out of the box styles for men but was somewhat disappointed in the lackluster effort given to the men.

At end the actual fashion part of the show was swimwear. Nothing extremely spectacular. A few original pieces from Lady Jay and Soul Simplicity highlighted the section and it ended the show.

An introduction to the hosts and designers and another performance from the lively entertainer named ‘Homebwoi’ wrapped up the show.
Overall, it was quite enjoyable. There were some minor issues that could’ve been avoided with a bit more planning, but if I had to rate the show I would give it a 7, and here is my G.B.U:
Good: Lady Jay’s Spring Line and Kahlil Blazia’s Suits
Bad: Production issues, bad feedback issues with the sound.
Ugly: Nothing really was ugly. Wish there would have been more for the menswear.

I can’t wait until the fall show!

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3 responses to “The Fashionably Late Fashion Show

  1. Robert James Head

    April 4, 2012 at 12:11 am

    Thanks for the Blog Fred & you hit it right on the head. The next show will be better so stay tune & let you know first hand when Fred !!!!

    • Francesca Glass

      April 4, 2012 at 12:28 am

      Thanks for the chance to be showcased in this show and the blog. Soulsimplicity is very thankful we look forward to other meetings.

  2. Tru

    April 10, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Very nice blog and I enjoyed being apart of this show.


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