Vince Camuto: Handbags, Perfume, and Shoes… Chic and Unique

05 Apr
Vince Camuto: Handbags, Perfume, and Shoes… Chic and Unique

Vince Camuto is what I consider one of the fashion industry’s hidden treasures. Not because his brand isn’t known, it’s what he does (and did) behind the scenes to ensure the continuous success of other people in the industry. I’m pretty sure it’s a little known fact that he co-founded and established Nine West, Inc. (and we all know how y’all women love[d] that store). I bet you also didn’t know that he developed four (4) unique lines for Dillard’s, has his namesake line of shoes (you can buy them on Zappos), and owns all exclusive rights to the Jessica Simpson shoe line. He has also partnered with Sanctuary Clothing and Lucky Brand Jeans to design shoes for them as well. 

Just a little tidbit that I thought you ladies should know.

Now on to his line.

Shoes– I love to see a woman in a nice pair of heels, and can strut her stuff in them (lol). Camuto’s use of accent colors and abstract designs are a nice change from the standard one colored platform pump. My favorite pair so far has to be the Deric Pump, one of which is a granite grey/ lemon heel patent pump that is stunning. The contrast of the two colors blends perfectly for a spring/summer day or evening outing. The heel is pretty high so if you’re not comfortable with a 4.7″ heel, then this shoe is not for you.

Vince Camuto - Free Shipping Shoes Dress-Shoes DERIC2 Vince Camuto - Free Shipping Shoes Dress-Shoes STEM1

He has also spiced up this seasons’ favorite, “the wedge”. With so many variations of the actual style, i think he has touched on them all. From the slim wedge (which is more likely to appeal to slimmer women) to the average sized wedge (the one that seems to lean more toward comfort) there is a pair for everyone.


I personally like the design of the middle one. The snake-skin pattern on top with the high heel is very sexy.

As far as sandals, he pretty much carries the basic strappy sandal. Earthy tone colors cover most of the sandals he offers this season. My favorite of this group is definitely the first pictured below. The multi-colored platform sandal is cute in its own way and would go well with a nice maxi dress for any casual day in spring.

Now on to the next aspect of this season’s fashion: Handbags

I’d like to preface this entire section with a few words. Ladies, please stop it with the fake bags. Purchasing a real bag from a renowned designer is considered an investment. If you properly take care of it, it will last for years. Now on to the designer.

With styles like the Tote, Clutch, Satchel, and Hobo, I’m sure you ladies can definitely find something to your liking on his site.

Every woman should have a few totes in her collection. What man wants to take a woman to an extremely crowded venue and she’s lugging her suitcase around, knocking people’s drinks over. I know i don’t, it’s quite embarrassing actually. So to solve that problem and ladies ensure that this won’t be the cause of that being your last date buy a tote! They come in all colors and designs and I’m sure you all can minimize your needed items to fit inside of it. (if you can’t, then you need some help that i can’t provide on this blog site…lol) Here are a few of my “likes” from this season’s collection.

All the other styles of bags for this season are nice too. Camuto gave each of the styles unique designs that can be appreciated by all women.


And last but definitely not least, Perfume.

Two words: SMELLS GREAT!

I like it, a lot. The subtly of it is what makes it so appealing. It’s not too overbearing, and with the right amount can entice any man to follow behind you like a hungry puppy.

                          Vince Camuto - Free Shipping Fragrance Parfum VCF002 Eau de Parfum

Well ladies (and fellas who are looking to get their girls something) that was my take on his Spring/Summer line. For the sake of time ( I didn’t want you all to get bored and leave), I didn’t touch on the Clothing or Accessories section of his line. But, you can check him out for yourself at

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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