Kenneth Cole 2012: Men’s Summer Fashion

08 Apr
Kenneth Cole 2012: Men’s Summer Fashion

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It’s the spring and we need to get away from the drab boring winter colors. It’s time to bring out those pastel, yet masculine colors that will make us stand out from the rest of the blandness around us.

Kenneth Cole’s Spring/Summer fashion line is very up-to-date with the proper trends for this season. Fellas let’s not be afraid of those pastels and proper fitting pants that adorn this collection.

Jackets: Sticking with our efforts to move away from the tees and plain jeans that we’ve been wearing forever, I want to talk about the KC’s Blazers and Jacket collection. We all know that in Georgia, we can have all the seasons in one week, so it’s best we properly prepare and get the necessities for our “adult” wardrobe.

A nice blazer can turn up any outfit. With a proper-fitting blazer, a nice button down with a pair jeans and loafers can go from 6 to a 10 instantly. If your day/night doesn’t require the need of an actual blazer then a more “dressier” jacket or vest will work just as well.

Striped Blazer - Jackets - Kenneth ColeAs seen here the right blazer took this outfit to a more “event-worthy” level. A KC blazer is a must have in every man’s wardrobe.

4 Pocket Wool Twill Military Jac - Jackets - Kenneth Cole Nice ‘military-style’ jacket that can be dressed up or down. I like the details in the pockets and shoulders. I like the neutrality of the color but would definitely like to see it in other colors as well.

Tonal Vest - Jackets - Kenneth Cole This is a great look. It’s doing a lot without doing too much. Let’s you feel up to par with a bit more upscale environment without feeling completely stuffy in a jacket or blazer. I think it would be ideal for  one of those more humid nights the we so often have here in Georgia.

Casual/Dress Shirts: All men should have more button down/polo style shirts than t-shirts that they wear out to anywhere. T-shirts are undershirts to the aforementioned shirts. They should have a 1:15 ratio in your wardrobe, for every time you wear a t-shirt, you should have worn at least 15 appropriate shirt before this time. So with that being said here are a few of KC’s nice casual shirts that can become the ultimate “go-to’s” in your wardrobe.

Long-Sleeve Textured Shirt - Casual shirts - Kenneth ColeThis coral colored button down flows just right with our theme of adding color to our wardrobe. Slim-fitting but hey if you join the Fitness Challenge, it’ll definitely help you get into this shirt. (*shameless plug*)

Long Sleeve Chambray Iridescent - Casual shirts - Kenneth Cole This burgundy colored Chambray Iridescent shirt is great. Although a bit on the darker side, it’s still a step in the right direction when it comes to adding color into our wardrobe.

Long-sleeve Chambray Iridescent - Casual shirts - Kenneth Cole Another Chambray Iridescent shirt in Lavender this time. The pairing with the skinny tie is perfect. (that’s a whole other blog coming up soon!)  Love the color, and its subtlety allows the soft color to remain masculine at the same time.

Pants/ Denim: The ill-fitting baggy jean is no longer in style…anywhere! This year’s fashion is gearing more towards the slim fit pants. I know that all of us guys aren’t model size, but again, if we join the fitness challenge (*another shameless plug*) we’ll be on point for this style going forward.

5 Pocket Plaid Pant - Pants & Shorts - Kenneth Cole Fellas, this is the summertime cool look that we’re going for. The pants fall at the appropriate length at the ankle to show the loafer shoe that we’ll be wearing all Summer. I like the plaid design of these done by KC and would definitely rock them.

Washed Boot Cut Denim Jean - Denim - Kenneth Cole I like the color of these. Matching these with a KC blazer mentioned above and a nice pair of loafers and you’ll have great evening outfit.

Dark Indigo Denim Jean - Denim - Kenneth Cole  As usual, you can never go wrong with a dark denim. KC’s take on the denim with his slim fit will look great dressed up or down for just about any occasion.

Shoes: The most important part of a man’s outfit. As I’ve stated in many of my previous blogs, the loafer is the staple to any casual outfit this year. Get away from the tennis shoe and step into a man’s shoe. They’re sleek and sexy, and like I’ve said many times before can take your ensemble to a whole new level.

SWAY BAR LE Black 16M - NEW ARRIVALS - Kenneth Cole Leather with quatrefoil perforations make this loafer a gem within its surroundings. Most men have issues with wearing leather shoes (sweaty, smelly feet) but the perforations will let your feet breathe while you look dapper in these immaculately designed shoes.

Row Boat Loafer - NEW ARRIVALS - Kenneth Cole The “Row Boat Loafer” is also a nice one by KC. You can dress this one up or down and still look good.

Well you guys that was my take on Kenneth Cole’s Spring/ Summer Collection. A lot of nice things that I’ll definitely be looking to incorporate into my wardrobe very soon.

Be sure to check the line out at and come back here to leave feedback.


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