Fred’s Fashion Tip of the Day

20 Apr

Ladies and gents,.

Wash your hair!!!

It does you no good to be immaculately dressed and you are flaking all over the place. It shows your lack of cleanliness when it comes to your personal hygiene. And we all know that all women can’t wash their hair everyday but, it’s still very necessary to look into shampoo’s and conditioners that help get rid of the dandruff and make your hair look good to compensate for the days you don’t wash. I did a little research (yes, i researched) and I found that many women don’t wash as much because of the sulfate in shampoos that dry your hair out. People there are shampoos that don’t have sulfate in them and are said to keep the moisture in your hair.  And as for my caucasian friends, your washing regiment should be just as stringent. It’s not cool for you all to let your hair get oily, it kills your whole fashion mojo.

Fashion involves more than what you put on your body people.

Have a great day everyone!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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