Soul Simplicity: A Timeless Brand

20 Apr
Soul Simplicity: A Timeless Brand

On this past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to talk with the owners of the up and coming clothing line, Soul Simplicity. I met them a while back at the “Somethin’ Serious’ Fashionably Late Fashion Show, and was impressed with the collection they showed that evening. During our brief introduction at the show, I was able to get more information about the line and immediately knew that this is a brand that everyone should know about. During the interview, we discussed their lives, passion for fashion, and how they both subsequently led to the creation of such an innovative line of “artwork”.

Cameron T. Wilson, a name that you all will soon be very familiar with, career actually began in graphic design. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Atlanta College of Design before it became Savannah College of Art

and Design with a minor in Psychology. He revealed to me that initially he wanted to go into Art Therapy. I personally was not very familiar with the field, so I decided to look it up. For those of you that were/are uninformed like myself, in a nutshell its expressive therapy that uses the creative process to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. That’s pretty cool, but I digress. During this time he was doing a lot of freelance work for people like V-103 the People’s Station, Metro Boys, and a plethora of others. It was during this time he met his former fiancé’ that introduced him to the world of fashion. As their time together progressed, they both received Associate degrees from Bauder College in Fashion Design, and ultimately allowed him to combine his old true passion of graphic design to the new love of fashion.

After parting ways with his former fiancé, he realized that his passion was still there for fashion.  Leaving the field of “Graphic Design for hire”, he made his dream of Soul Simplicity his primary focus. In the process of making his dream a reality, he worked at the University of Phoenix, where by chance he met his assistant, Ms. Francesca Glass. Francesca was somewhat reluctant in the beginning, but when she realized the potential both Cameron and his idea for the business she gladly joined the team.  

As a transplant to the city of Atlanta who’s considered to be shy and reserved at times, Francesca is the more business savvy one of the pair. She earned her Associates’ in Business Administration and is best known for her willingness to always help. But don’t let that part of her demeanor fool you, she runs a tight ship when it comes to keeping the business aspect of Soul Simplicity together. Together the two are set to make some serious waves in the world of fashion with their urban, yet chic line of designs.

As the interview progressed and we got more into detail about their past and how they both fell in love with fashion, their answers were totally different but prove how opposites can attract in any facet.  Cameron’s response, which was mostly detailed in his initial background breakdown, elaborated more for me. He mainly credited the fact that doing work for others often inhibited his own creativeness. By creating his own line and becoming his own boss, it has allowed him pure creative freedom to do as he pleases with his designs. Francesca, on the other hand, admits that she was never into the trendy stuff. She reminisces about a day in elementary school that solidified her thoughts on always standing out from the crowd.

“I remember back in elementary school, we had ‘tacky day’. I think I literally put on every piece of clothing in my closet that day. It was one of those moments every little girl dreams of doing; playing dress up. I actually won the contest that day, and I can say that I did learn that you don’t have to always follow trends to stand out.”

Such different backgrounds with a similar goal, which is allowing us, the consumers, to be a part of greatness in the making.

As we continued to converse effortlessly, we got on the subject of inspiration, the “what” and “who’s” of the topic. Cameron, being the creative mastermind behind SS, immediately references Steve Jobs. I wasn’t surprised at the answer because I was already aware of his graphic design background.  He states that Mr. Jobs set the standard for simplicity and “sleekness” in design. Most people don’t see the greatness in the minimalism but that is what makes the design so unique. I wholeheartedly agree with his analysis. He also praises such artist as Andy Warhol, Nina Simone and J. Dilla as great influences on his work as well.  Soulful artists Nina Simone and J. Dilla help to get his creative juices going when he’s working. This is ultimately how he came up with the name for his brand Soul Simplicity.  He also makes it a point to mention that he is inspired more so by brand rather than designer. They’re both huge fans of stores like H&M and Old Navy, both who’ve been around for years and been able to withstand the test of time because of their ability to continuously make timeless pieces but keep up with the trendy stuff as well.

And as for Ms. Glass, well she says that Cameron inspires her. She says that he’s helped her exit her shell and become a more social, outgoing person. She’s not as shy as she used to be and is able to handle a lot more with his support.  She also loves anything that supports individuality. She’s all about standing apart from the crowd, so things that do so are very inspirational for her.

The two both credit their friends and family as those who inspire them as well.  And in turn they praise all of the same people as being their biggest supporters. They both say that their moms are there for them 100% percent of the time. So much so, that whenever Francesca’s mom is in town, you may see her out doing advertising on their behalf! We all love supportive mom’s!

After learning so much about their backgrounds, it was time to talk clothes. I had seen many of their designs at the fashion show and more on their website, which I became an instant fan, but I wanted to know more. I ask the question, “What’s your signature piece”? And they both somewhat simultaneously said, “The tree”! Their basic logo pieces is eye-catching and always the starter of many conversations with potential customers. Many people ask what it is and it’s just simply a tree. Nothing fancy but a perfect representation of who they are and what they’re whole brand is about. I also had to ask the question of catering to plus size women. I consider that to be a valid question, seeing as though they already have a line geared toward women anyway. Unfortunately at this time they don’t, but they are quick to note that it is very much in the works. Their new jean line, which is being headed up by Francesca, called “Lotus Blossom” will cater to women of all sizes. She describes them as being made to hug all the right curves; they will fit you, you won’t have to try to fit into them. I like that slogan. J

So what can a new customer expect when visiting their site? Trendy, eccentric, and artistic. Know that when you’re buying from them, you’re buying into a lifestyle that has a certain level of creativity. You won’t be just buying clothes; you’re essentially buying a piece of Cameron’s artwork. Every design he creates is special. He considers the shirts as his canvas, and they come to life when he adds his art to them. You can trust that you are going to get timeless pieces that can essentially transcend through multiple seasons of fashion.  And you can credit that to Cameron’s vision from the beginning, which was only to make pieces that withstood the test of “fashion/trend” time.

With further expansion into women’s wear, kids clothing and expanding their shoe deal with Pro-Keds, and making it a multi-state business, it’s safe to say that Soul Simplicity is going to be here for a while. And I know I won’t be the only one happy about that!

I closed the interview by making sure that I got all of the necessary info from them so you guys could get in contact with them.

Their website to make purchases

Like them on Facebook at

Follow them on twitter: Cameron at

                                  Francesca at

Follow them on Instagram: SoulSimplicity

So I’m telling all of you guys now that it’s okay to jump on this bandwagon! (lol) Go check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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