Fred’s Fashion Tip of the Day

23 Apr

What’s up fam…

Brush your teeth!!!

Ladies, Doesn’t matter how pretty your smile is from afar, if your breath stinks when I approach you, I will turn and walk away immediately!!! It is a complete turn off to talk to a woman with yuck mouth.

Fellas, if we’re in close proximity to each other, I shouldn’t smell your breath if your breathing through your nose! That mess makes my stomach curl.

Bad breath in anyone takes away from everything else you’re wearing and saying to others. You can be dressed to near perfection but no one will ever get close enough to you so that you can have a meaningful conversation with them because of your breath. Some of you are probably thinking to yourself right now, ”I brush and gargle every day!” Well here is a little known fact, if you can’t get the of the smell out, it may be because you need a laxative.  Yes, a laxative. That waste has backed up into your body and the odor is coming out of your mouth. Take care of that, please!

No one can remember what you’re wearing if your breath was so bad it singed their nose hairs as soon as they approached you.

Get it together people, and have a good day!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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Posted by on April 23, 2012 in Daily Tips, Fashion


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