Fred’s Fashion Tip of the Day

26 Apr

Good morning world!

This goes out to the “extra hairy” people.

Yes this is a real woman!

Ladies, no man likes an overly hairy woman. Yeah we want to run our fingers through the hair on your head but that’s the only hair we want to see on your body. Ladies if you suffer from facial hair growth, take the time to properly invest in removal tactics to ensure that the hair doesn’t grow back thicker the next time. Many women have the thick sideburns and partial upper lip hair, get rid of it! There are many at home treatments that you can use to minimize the amount that you have. If you go get your eyebrows waxed or “threaded” each of the places do take care of the full face. It may cost you a bit more but consider it a necessary expense! And do I really even need to talk about “down there”? If you don’t keep that well-shaven don’t expect to be receiving any face-to-face time anytime soon! Take pride in your grooming techniques and practice them often.

And fellas, all women don’t like the “taco meat” look (course chest hair). If it’s overbearing trim it down. Man to man, dude let me tell you that your armpit hair looks gross when it’s so thick that it has caked up deodorant under there. If another man has to tell you that, then yeah it is too much! Absolutely nothing wrong with shaving your armpits and your lower region. If you trust your lady enough, allow her to keep that trimmed up down there. 

There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself groomed in areas that aren’t always visible to others. We all know that hair holds heat/smell in those important areas, and if you’re actively working out everyday or you’re just someone that profusely sweats, it’s a must that you keep these areas in order!!!!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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