Fred’s Fashion Tip of the Day

27 Apr

Good morning world!

“Way” in the water…..

Ladies and gents, please buy pants that are not only the appropriate size but the appropriate length as well!

Too much foot showing= "in the water" pants

Ladies-different rules for different shoes! If you’re wearing heels with a nice pair of slacks, we shouldn’t see the entire shoe. Try going for a pant with a longer hem if you plan to wear heels with them. If you’re wearing those ballet flats, the entire top of your foot shouldn’t be exposed. The pants should be long enough to cover most of your foot.

Too short!

Ladies when in doubt, either wear or take the shoes you plan to wear most frequently with you to the store when buying pants.Fellas- to determine whether or not your pants are the right all you really need to do is put them on. If you can see the top of your shoe when standing then they are too short. Regardless if they’re slacks or jeans the should both fall comfortably beyond the top of the shoe but not exceed the mid-point of it.

   Let’s get it together people!  Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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