Fred’s Health Tip of the Day- From the Trainer B. Cox

27 Apr

On this journey to becoming a healthier society, there are many rules to follow. One in particular is creating a good eating routine. We should all be eating at least 5-7 meals a day in increments of every 3-4 hours. Here is the breakdown given by Brandon:

Breakfast- As we all know is the most important meal of the day! It should be eaten within 3 hours of you getting up everyday! It’s the most flexible meal of the day because you’re guaranteed to burn it off, unless you don’t move a muscle all day! But even though it’s flexible, remain in your healthy realm. Just because you know you’re going to burn it doesn’t mean eat unhealthy. Oatmeal is our friend, it fills you up and is very healthy!

Snack 1- Should be 2-3 hours after breakfast. Remember that it’s only a snack and it is not intended to fill you up!!! No more than 250 calories people!

Lunch- Should be 3 hours later and is the biggest meal of the day. It’s going to be the fuel you need to take you through the remainder of your day! Get that protein starch and vegetables then, especially if you’re working out later that day (which we all should be doing). It’s going to be the fuel you need to make through that intense workout.

Snack 2- 2-3 hours later, and has the same rules as snack 1. Just remember it doesn’t have to be the same snack!

Dinner- 3-4 hours later. You’re probably going to eat after working out when your metabolism is revving. At this point all you need is proteins and greens. A good piece of baked chicken and some cabbage.

After dinner, you should try to remain awake for at least 3 hours to ensure proper digestion. Then start your cycle all over tomorrow. Follow this cycle and you’ll be sure to see a change!

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