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09 May

Good morning world!

Business Casual…

So, I think the term business casual has lost all proper meaning to it. Many people have forgotten the fact that when they were talking about a “business” they were referring to corporate America. Business casual in corporate America is mainly a khaki/neatly pressed jeans day for men, but still adorning the appropriate dress shirt (maybe with or without the tie). It is not your street gear that you hang out with the fellas in on the weekends. Logo’d shirts (polo’s are an exception), sneakers and rugged jeans should never be worn in the workplace. This shows major disrespect for yourself and the company that you are representing.

Appropriate business casual attire. Doesn’t have to be so bland, you can spice it up with colors but this is the recipe!

Ladies, your business casual has a bit more leniency than the man’s side does. There are a lot of cute outfits you all can wear and be in compliance with the code. But what you do have to remember that there are a multitude of businesses in the world and the standards are all different. Ladies, no matter how casual the day is never wear those thong sandals (flip-flops) to work. I understand that heels are painful to walk in all day but please find a more appropriate office shoe. Check your cleavage level as well. On business casual Friday’s, or just about any day for the women, sometimes you all have to remember that excessive cleavage in the workplace is  unacceptable. You are basically setting yourself up for snide remarks from upper management and other colleagues. It may even provoke some unwanted sexual attention, so be mindful of how much you’re showing on casual day.

If you’re unsure on how to transform your current unacceptable business attire to a more corporate America, office friendly one, just stop and ask yourself a few questions. Men- would I wear these jeans to do yard work? If yes, then please don’t wear them to work! Women- If I were standing over a woman wearing this shirt could I see straight down to her navel? If yes, then don’t wear it! Could I stand to hear some one “flip-flapping” throughout the office all day? No, then don’t you do it!

I hope these little tips are helpful. If you have any other big “no-no’s” for business causal or office attire altogether, share them! Don’t be selfish with your knowledge!!!

Just one ‘fatboyfavs’

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