Fred’s Fashion Tip of the Day

10 May

Hello world…

You are your surroundings…

It really doesn’t matter how put together you are, if the things around you (i.e. your car, home, workplace) are dirty it takes away from you. Your complete image is everything. So, make sure that everything about you is aligned, accordingly. Why would you get in a dirty, grungy car while you’re impeccably dressed? Makes no sense at all!

 Take the time to clean your car inside and out, it makes the drive feel a little bit better. And fellas if you are letting your woman drive around in a dirty car then you really need to get it together. It’s understandable that your cubicle/office may be a bit on the messy side if you’re trying to meet a deadline, but once you’ve met it why not take the time to regroup by cleaning your entire area. That will give you a fresh start for the next task. Last but definitely not least, please clean up your homes! It’s actually very rude to invite people over to a junky house. It’s a horrible representation of yourself. If you know that you’re inviting people over at least take all the junk to an area that is off limit to guests.

Always put your best foot forward in every area of your life.

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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