Fred’s Health Tip of the Day

13 May

Hey Fam,

A lot of the health tips are generalized and are in some way related to previous posts. So we really should be taking advantage of the knowledge and putting them to good use! Here are a few very small, yet effective tips that will help us all out.

Drink water : This surprisingly obvious health tip has popped up frequently in recent years, and for good reason. Many people in the United States are living in a state of constant dehydration. One study found over 50% of women were chronically dehydrated. Unfortunately, as often as this advice has been given, not enough people are following it.

How can you tell if you are drinking enough water? Don’t waste your time counting how many cups of water you drink each day. None of the medical authorities can agree on how much water any given person needs. This is because we are all different, and are bodies all need different amounts of water. The trick to telling if you are dehydrated is to stop worrying about the numbers, and start paying attention to how you feel.

If you frequently feel like your mouth is dry, if your skin tends to be dry and itchy, and if your lips chap easily, you are probably dehydrated. Another clue is in how you drink. If you pick up a glass of water and can comfortably take a sip and put it back down, you are not dehydrated. If you need to take several large swallows before you put a glass down, you probably are.

Make sure you drink water, not sugar drinks, tea or coffee, several times a day. Many non-water beverages (like tea and alcohol) can actually make you dehydrated.

Get Some Sun: Sunlight is crucial for both our mental and physical health. Not getting enough sunlight can lead to depression. It weakens the immune system and can even increase your chances of osteoporosis. It’s important to get a little bit of sun each day.

Now, a little bit of sun doesn’t mean setting out a lawn chair and baking for several hours. It means sitting one your front porch while you drink a cup of coffee in the morning or sitting on a bench chatting with a friend for 10 minutes on your break. 10-15 minutes of sunlight and fresh air each day can make a huge difference in your health.

Try to get your sun in the morning or late afternoon. Remember the old saying about ‘too much of a good thing’ and don’t put yourself at risk of skin cancer by over sunning or going out to often in the heat of the day. The gentle sunlight the hits early and late in the day will give you the health benefits you want without the risks.

Change Your Position: Most of us spend a great deal of the day doing the same thing over and over again. We sit at desks, we stand in one spot or we walk around, depending on what our job is. Whatever it is your job has you doing, take the time every hour to chance your position or your pace. Sit down, stand up, bend over, jog, run in place, reach up high, something!

You don’t need to take a lot of time or make a big change. Taking 5 seconds to reach for the ceiling, than bend over and reach for your toes, can be enough. If you are sitting and can’t stand up, stretch your legs out and try to touch your toes or place your hands on top of your head and twist your body from side to side. Doing something small once an hour is enough to start making a difference in your health.


Keep shooting towards that goal!


Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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