Violette Restaurant- French Cuisine Done Right!

15 May

              Bienvenu au monde merveilleux du Restaurant Violette!!!

     Translation: Welcome to the fantastic world of Violette Restaurant!

Violette is a very charming French restaurant located on Clairmont Rd in Atlanta. I’ve driven by this place many times and always considered going in but didn’t have time, but thank God I finally made time for it. I was invited to a wine taster/social gathering that was very elegantly put together. The atmosphere was very tranquil and engaging. Upon arrival, my car was met by the valet very expeditiously; I love that aspect of a restaurant. So often, many nice restaurants fall short in this department and it takes away from the full dining out experience. As I exited my car and headed towards the entrance, I couldn’t help but to feel the great ambiance of the sunset, dimmed inside lights and subdued outside lighting taking its effects on me. I must admit that when first approaching the restaurant it seemed somewhat small, but that all changes as soon as I crossed the threshold.  The inside was immaculately decorated with a genuine French feel to it. The host was exceedingly polite and took me directly to my waiting party.

The evening began with the wine and cheese tasting. I started at the “white wine” table and was pleasantly surprised by a great tasting glass of Boire De Noaillan Bordeaux which is a Savignon Blanc-Semilllon. The taste of it was extremely refreshing from any other wine I’d previously tasted. The light feel of it going down was like a gently party for my taste buds. And the aftertaste was heavenly; white grapefruit danced on my tongue after every sip. Since I enjoyed Brookland Valley Verse 1 Semilion Sauvignon Blanc 2007this one so much, I decided to stick with it for the rest of the night (maybe next time, I’ll be braver and try more)! But for anyone looking to visit, note that they have a very extensive wine list that would delight any true wine connoisseur.  During this wine melody, I enjoyed several of their fresh cheese options that were a perfect pairing with the wine.

As I proceeded to my table, I noticed that the decorations were strategically placed on the tables. I admired the fact that they took much pride in even the smallest of details. The first course was the house salad; a mix of greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes with the house vinaigrette. Extremely tasty! Next was the main course, there were two options; beef brisket and baked tilapia. Since I’ve made the choice to become healthier, I chose the baked tilapia. I was absolutely ecstatic at the fact that I did! The Filet de Tilapia au Tarragon el Cruettes (baked tilapia topped with shrimp and creamy tarragon sauce) was served with a nice vegetable medley and rice pilaf. The meal was so flavorsome that I wanted to personally compliment the chef. But this wasn’t the full highlight of the meal. The grand finale came during dessert. The chocolate mousse was the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere to date. I think I’d have to say that what made it so great was the fact that it wasn’t “overdone” the simplicity of it with the nice plate presentation made it grand. With the syrup deliberately designed on the plate, it was as if an original van Gogh.  Delicious.

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience here. Being able to network with some great people and enjoy some fine cuisine is what I would call an extremely successful night. To anyone who loves great dining in an elegant environment, I strongly suggest visiting Violette. May your visit be as wonderful as mines!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

Outdoor seating area


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