Fred’s Health Tip of the Day

18 May

 Good morning all,

Keep pushing towards those goals!

Cut that TV off!!!!

The average American watches almost 5 hours of TV every day!  Challenge yourself to watch 1 hour or less per night.  Let yourself watch you favorite shows, but turn it off after that.  It is amazing how the television has an ability to suck you in.  Without realizing it you have been watching for hours.  Television is entertainment and it is designed to keep you engaged.  In addition to what the TV does to your mind, by sitting for that many hours per day and often eating while watching it is no wonder what as a society we are becoming obese so rapidly.  If the average American cut that TV time is half and watched 2.5 hours and exercised the other half we would go from one of the most overweight countries to one of the fittest.

Instead of watching tv, try these things:

  • Having a conversation with your significant other
  • Go for a walk
  • Go outside and play with the kids. Kids today don’t even know a lot of the games we played outside when we were younger. Ask them when was the last time they played “Mother May I”? You’d be surprised at how many don’t even know the concept of the game.
  • Go do some volunteer work. Giving back not only helps you physically, but mentally as well!

    Get outside and play with your kids!

  • Or you can just go to be early! Getting a full 8 hours of sleep is essential to everyone’s health!

You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish by limiting TV hours.  You will also start to enjoy life again, instead of just getting through it.








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