Fred’s Health Tip of the Day

28 May

Happy Memorial Day….

Make sure that you remember the real meaning of the holiday and teach it to your kids as well. They gave their lives so that we could do all of what we do!

Heat strokes are serious!!!

People don’t let the heat fool you. If you’re a Georgia native you know that summer’s are no joke! Even though we can have all the seasons in one week, when it’s hot, it’s extra hot!!! Make sure that you are doing everything possible so that you and your fam can stay cool out here. Heat stroke can be fatal so be careful.

People that are most at risk are babies, the elderly, athletes, and those who work outside. I work outside, so I understand the dangers of the condition. For those of you that don’t know what the symptoms are, here are a few to definitely look out for:

  1. High Body Temp
  2. Absence of sweat (it’s 100 degrees but the person isn’t sweating at all!)
  3. Rapid Pulse
  4. Difficulty breathing (they can’t seem to catch their breath even while at rest)
  5. Strange behavior (acting out of character, may seem somewhat delusional)
  6. Confusion, agitation, disorientation, and possible onset of a seizure.

If you’re people look as if they’re suffering from a heat stroke try to get them to a shady area, remove clothing and get them in some cool water. Make sure you call 911 asap!

Don’t take these lightly. Please get the person help. I don’t want to hear about any of my fam dying from heat stroke!

Take care of your self!

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