Soul Simplicity’s “I’m Elsewhere” Theatrical Debut

06 Jun
Soul Simplicity’s “I’m Elsewhere” Theatrical Debut

Hey everyone…. Please check out my good friends from Soul Simplicity!!!

Everyday is a reminder of how The Land of Opportunity offers new heights, but it takes sacrifice, diligence and perseverance to make it through the hours of midnight for one young designer. Entrepreneur Cameron T. Wilson travels a path of self-discovery, new business ventures and supportive love by examining each avenue of self-expression. Throughout this journey, he’s faced with real hardships, challenges and motivating factors which contributes to his overall success and expresses his determination. Soulsimplicity, the business. Cameron, the founding father of the brand, pays homage to the arts, fashion and music through design and creates from his heart. This documentary relates to every entrepreneur’s story: how making it in America can be strenuous, yet highly desired and rewarding. “I’m elsewhere” captivates audiences with emotional testimonials, a peek into Soulsimplicity day-to-day operation and how chaos of an artists’ mind can come together as one master plan; to make it…
Cast: Cameron Wilson, Brittany Wilson, Francesca Glass, LaDarryl Hollingsworth, Vinicia Glass, Raeford Wade, Clifton Andrews, and Freddie Fields.

Director: Cameron Wilson

Release: 2012

Origin: USA

Run Time: 1hr 10min

MPAA Rating: NR


Tickets can be purchased from the link above or in person the day of the event. Please come out and support Soul Simplicity. They are a great company that is making some serious waves in the fashion world. See you there!


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