Jay Austin’s “Tie the Knot” Fragrance Launch Party

15 Jun
Jay Austin’s “Tie the Knot” Fragrance Launch Party

It’s Friday and a beautiful day in the city!

On this past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending my good friend, Jay Austin, fragrance launch party. I had an incredible time and was thoroughly impressed with everything, but we all know the Bowtie King of Atlanta never “half-steps’ on anything he does so I wasn’t surprised at the success of the event.

The Fragrance-

Tie the Knot, a gentlemen’s fragrance, is one of subtlety without the common musk that is associated with most men’s cologne. The smell has a hint of citrus that provides you with a lingering aroma that women will definitely love to smell on any man. I can say that I don’t think I’ve ever come across a cologne with a citrus undertone, but it works well without appearing to be feminine because of it. I wore the cologne the following day and can say that I was complimented quite a few times while wearing it.

The Liquor-

If you took the time to read the initial flyer, you knew that Remy was hosting the event. Their new liquors were one of the highlights of the night. Remy Martin V, 1738, and several other new flavors were all available for complimentary drinks for all guests. What a delight! I thoroughly enjoyed the 1738. No chaser needed for the few ounces of liquor and few cubes of ice and I was in heaven. It went down smoothly, but had an after bite to it, but in a good way! A few of the women enjoyed the Lemon Drop Martini made with the Remy V and all were pleased with it.

The Crowd-

Few in numbers but an eclectic mix, professions were wide-ranged from hat designers to insurance salesmen to web designers. Many of the regulars were there, fatboyfavs friend Beryl Pleasants, Image Consultant, and Susan Sexton, custom perfume creator. Made a few new connections that will definitely help catapult Forks & Fashion to the next level.

Overall the night was great. Wish you could’ve joined me!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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  1. Blanca

    July 12, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    The structure is signed by separate perfumer-composer Olivia Giacobetti that is well-known for her knack for refined,
    ethereal designs, like steam of grain and h2o in particular, although her imaginative number of expression moves beyond


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