The Premiere of SoulSimplicity’s “I’m Elsewhere” Documentary

18 Jun

Friday night.

The weather was great, the city was live, and the Landmark Midtown Theater was the place to be. The midnight premiere of SoulSimplicity’s documentary, I’m Elsewhere was amazing. From the myriad of fashion statements being made to the message of staying strong in the documentary; perfect.

Having the documentary premiere in one of the great Atlanta historic sites was a major plus. The surrounding attractions made the midnight viewing a bit more easy because we were all “amped” up enough to stay awake throughout. I’m glad I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The documentary takes you through many different emotions while watching it. First and foremost was pride. I am proud to see another man of my generation following his dreams throughout all of the trials and tribulations. Weathering the storms with much strength and determination almost made me tear up! I’m kidding but I can’t say it enough of how proud I am to see my fellow brother handle his business.

Pre-movie fashion- As a fashion blogger, I was elated to see the plethora of styles enter the theater for the priemer. Bright colors on women and stylish men lined the lobby while we waited to see the movie. A few of the styles that were a highlight of the evening included: Francesca’s glittering gold short cocktail dress (which is a part of their women’s line) and Brittney Wilson (owner’s wife) short floral print strapless dress. And for the men Cameron Wilson (the owner) playing off the purple color palatte with opposing ends for his top and bottom.

So, All I can say is overall great job! I look forward to writing more and purchasing more of SoulSimplicity’s items!

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