10 Things You Should Know Before You Vote….

03 Aug

So here’s another topic I think EVERYONE should be concerned with when voting for our next president…. THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE!!!!

I put it in all caps because it is a very serious matter! The numbers were released today and the country has a 8.3%unemployment rate, moving up a tenth of a percent since last month! I don’t care how many times people say this but there is no possible way that we are out of this recession.

So, as history tells it, no president has ever been reelected with an unemployment rate higher than 7%. This is going to be a very large determining factor on whether President Obama is reelected or not.

President Obama’s plan to help fix the joblessness rate in America:

He has gotten another year extension on the tax cut for small business owner, which a plus because letting that go would have put a major burden on them. Also, earlier this year he issued a plan that emphasized job creation for initiatives for infrastructure, job-training and innovation. He also suggested that to help offset the cost of these programs to cut out some of the tax breaks for 1%’ers, which would ultimately raise over 200 billion over the next 10 years. (I personally don’t think they deserve all the tax-breaks they do receive, they’re rich for Pete’s sake! But, I digress…)


Romney’s plan to fix the unemployment rate:

He initially plans to creat 12 million jobs in his first year. Sounds great right? But 4 of his 6 proposals would initially cut almost 400,000 jobs from the public sector, create major tax breaks for the wealthy, and eliminate tax credits for working  families. This would basically put the burden on middle class America to settle up the nation’s debt. Wow Romney!

That is by far the worst plan to help create jobs that I’ve ever seen! I guess he forgot that although the 1% percent is richer, the 99% has far more voting power.


My comments are brief, but everyone should take the time to research all of this information thoroughly to make your own choice this November. But, no matter who you vote for just get out there and VOTE PEOPLE!




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