Bar One: A Restaurant Experience That Bars None

14 Aug

 This past Friday I had the pleasure to attend a restaurant that I had recently put off due to bad reviews and a personal incident that I had there on my first trip. I can honestly say that this time around, they dispelled all of the bad rumors that I had heard about them completely. From the time I entered the restaurant to the minute I left, it was an incredible experience!

I entered and gave the hostess my name for the reservation and was properly seated. I didn’t like the initial seating so I was quickly moved to a more agreeable location. The manager, Andres, personally came over to greet me and ensured that the night would be one that I wouldn’t forget. The waitress, Tearra, then began to take the order for the evening. Starting with the drinks forward, she was very attentive and helpful with all of my different drink and food orders. I started with my signature Gentlemen’s Jack and Cranberry and proceeded from there.

My appetizer: Jerk-chicken quesadillas, one word….. “Delightful”. I’ve never had that combination so I was a bit apprehensive about ordering them initially. Tearra gave her word that they were the right choice so I went with it! I’m so glad I did. The flavorful jerk chicken was a perfect mix against the traditional toppings of a quesadilla.

While finishing up my appetizer, Tearra the waitress began to tell me about the special dish of the night. Apparently the eccentric owner (Peter Thomas) often makes random requests of the chef. When she gets them she generally makes enough to sell at the restaurant as well. His request for this particular evening was jerk stew with white rice. At first, I thought this was the typical jerk chicken that I’ve eaten 100 times over, but I was surprisingly mistaken. In between the time I’d placed my order for the soon be scrumptious entrée and its arrival, Chef Natasha Wong appeared to introduce herself. I found her to be a very pleasant and warm person. Chef Tasha went into more detail about the entrée and its origins. She gave me the run down for desert (more about that later).

I could use a million adjectives to describe my entrée (Jerk Stew with white rice), yet none of them would sufficiently do it justice. The jerk stew, which was small chicken pieces stewed for over 24 hours in her stew mix with hand rolled dumplings in it was, for the lack of a better word, AMAZING. It was the epitome of a flavor orgy! I had to have more of this incredible concoction. It was so good that I wanted to place a “to-go” order. I can’t say enough, yet I can do it no justice with the limited amount of words in our English language. Just simply incredible!

Taking a break in between the entrée and dessert, I had a few more drinks and those were great as well. After my signature drink, I switched over to Patron Margaritas. I love going to a restaurant that doesn’t skimp on the liquor. If you’re going to charge for it, be sure that you’re giving the customers what they’re paying for it. Bar One did exactly that. Kudos to the bartender!

Dessert: Bread pudding in rum sauce with vanilla ice cream. I have never been a fan of bread pudding…… ever. But my satisfaction with my main course coupled with the chef gave me the courage to order it for my dessert. I am so grateful that I did. It was quite palatable!  The texture and consistency of the bread pudding was at the right consistency and the rum sauce was very well done. I’ve occasionally had rum sauce that was too “rummy” but this was on point! Although I couldn’t eat it all, I was glad that I at least sampled it. It was absolutely perfect.

Before I left I had to get a picture with the culinary genius, Chef Tasha. She takes simple foods and turns them into culinary masterpieces. The whole staff was great to me that evening. I am so glad that I gave establishment a second chance. Andres and his team are making Bar One into one of the best bar and dining experiences in the Atlanta area.


I recommend that everyone go check them out, because I will be going back frequently!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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