10 Colors That’ll Help You Make the Best Fall Fashion Statement

06 Sep

Time to put away the pastels and subdue those colors to match the beloved season of Autumn. The Rustic Oranges, Smokey Roses and dull Titaniums’ will all be the highlight of the season. I’ve found ten that are sure to be a hit for both men and women.

Woman’s French Roast Tweed Suit with Tan Silk Top and brown pumps. Perfect combo to work this color.

French Roast brown and blue combo is perfect for any man. This perfectly tailored suit and tie dimple are well put together.

French Roast– A rich brown that is reminiscent of coffee drizzled with a hint of creamer. A perfect neutral that can be the alternative to the “over-worn” blacks and charcoals that are synonymous with Fall. Pair this color with a brighter piece and you’ll be the standout for any Autumn event.  Colors like soft blues, tans, gold, and even red will work well with French Roast.

This cute honey gold dress is perfect for a crisp Autumn day and can be paired with a nice darker (maybe french roast color) cardigan.

Honey Gold– Great color for women to pair with those power suits, casual wear, evening wear, or just anytime wear. Ladies this color can and will set you apart from the rest. As a man, I like to see a woman that transcend colors through seasons. Although this may seem to be a more spring/summer color, it can be toned down with the right accessories and a dark brown cardigan. Perfect for a crisp Autumn day.

Pink Flambe’ and Smoke Rose All that know me personally know that I am a man who can pull pink off in the most masculine way possible.

This pink ensemble is great for any man of exquisite taste. The hue of smoke rose is laced through both the blazer, sweater, pocket square, and tie. The pink flambe’ are both intertwined in the tie and pocket square.

The “taboo-ness” of men wearing the color is such a horrible old wives tale, that I try to denounce it often with many of my great fashion creations. I don’t think I have to say too much to women about wearing the color except leave the hot pink on the rack in any season (lol). But, fellas, embrace the color because the clothes don’t make the man, it’s very much the opposite. If you can wear it, then wear it well!

All of these pieces can be paired with black, browns, reds, and tans. Get playful ladies, be different with your pairings.

Tangerine Tango-Reminiscent of the Rustic Orange that we’re so accustomed to seeing in the fall, Tangerine tango gives the basic color a stylish upgrade. You have the possibility to pair it to any fall neutral and it will work well (go back to our first color, French Roast.). This color is bold and stylish, and can turn a basic outfit up a notch.

Ultramarine green. Great masculine color.

Ultramarine Green and Bright Chartreuse Two shades of green on two totally different ends of the color spectrum. Both can bring a unique feel to any outfit and can give an air of sophistication to it as well. I personally like the color because it’s worn very little. I think it should be worn more by both men and women.

  Olympian Blue, Titanium, and Rhapsody Three great colors, all on the neutral side and can be worn throughout the season. I like the Olympian Blue because of its boldness.  I’d definitely reserve Titanium for accessories. There’s nothing like an exquisite titanium watch to complement the perfect suit. Rhapsody, from the purple color tree, would definitely be more of a fun color that i’d reserve for casual weekends.

              Great variations of the color. Ladies, you have many choices, make them work!

          A watch is a necessity, so let it be a titanium one!!!


This shirt is great. Paired with a charcoal suit the two together would be incredible.

These colors will be a staple for Fall fashion this year.


Hope to see all y’all rocking them regularly!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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