Grey- The New Black…

20 Sep

Hey everyone,

Here’s another post solely dedicated to the guys.

Grey- a color that we most often find synonymous with fog, cloudy days, sadness, etc. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Gents, we need to learn that we don’t always have to be so “matchy”. It’s okay to mix colors and still have that masculine look we’re shooting for when we’re in that boardroom meting or taking our lady out for a night on the town. Here are a few suggestions on how to stand apart from the rest…

Mr. Debonair himself, Mr. Washington wears this perfectly tailored wool gray with pink pinstripe suit with the perfect pink/white plaid shirt and a blue wool tie. Impeccably styled. I know you’re saying everyone doesn’t have Denzel money to get a suit like this but, it doesn’t take a lot of money to show that you’re stylish.

Grey tweed sports jacket is perfect for the office, a date, a playdate for the kids in the park, wherever. Pair it with a great light fall sweater and a button down a pair of jeans, you’ll definitely hit a home run for casual Fridays.

Three ways to match your grey and make it stand out with different colors. The first look (far left) brown tweed coat, burnt sienna pants/vest/shoes, and a grey button-down. Unique combo. The middle look, my favorite of the three, makes room for all of the colors (purple, grey, green, and burnt sienna) without them being overbearing. The third look (far right) allows the main two colors to captivate with the simplicity yet boldness of it.

Grey/white- you can never go wrong with this combination. It’s simple, yet bold. The sharpness of the smoke grey against the stark white will command attention every time.

For the guys who aren’t ready to delve completely into the world of color, you can start small like this. You can be as playful or as serious as you want with your tie. And if anybody has something bad to say about it you can just take it off!


Can’t forget the accessories, guys. A nice watch is a must!

Incorporate the shoe properly!!!!

This was just a brief synopsis of how the color can be worn, so don’t stop here! Be brave with your color choices.

Wear the fashion, and wear it well my friends!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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