Fashion and Its History….

20 Apr
Next up, 1628…

Clothing Ordered for Massachusetts Colony

The Massachusetts Bay Colony arranges for the delivery of extra clothing to be sent over on Governor Endecott’s voyage from Europe, so that North American colonists can purchase more. The clothing order includes 300 suits, 400 shirts, and 400 pairs of shoes. Of the suits, 200 are made from doublet (a close-fitting men’s jacket) and hose (close-fitting breeches or leggings that reach up to the hips and fasten to a doublet), “made up of leather, lined with oiled skin leather, and fastened with hooks and eyes.” The rest of the suits are made of Hampshire kerseys, in which the doublets are lined with linen and the hose with skins. The order also includes 100 Monmouth caps (the Monmouth is a soldier’s cap about six inches wide, the best of which were made at Monmouth, England) at two shillings apiece, 500 red knit caps at five pence each, and 100 black hats that are lined in the brows (the ridges) with leather.



Over time, the look of suits have evolved and now we’re in an era of slim fitted suits with bespoke tailoring. The European look is winning. It’s as if Europe has always set the great fashion trends for men (and women for that matter). I love my country, but I have to agree. The clean  lines of the European tailoring, along with the simple designs make them a must have over any of the gaudy colorful suits made here in America. It is definitely okay for men to wear color in their shirts/ties/pocket squares, but an all yellow suit should be left to Mr. Big Bird! I’m sorry to all of the fans of colorful suits i just feel that men suits shouldn’t be as colorful as a womans’.

Today's suit. it fits the same standards as back then "tailored to fit".

Today’s suit. it fits the same standards as back then “tailored to fit”. And don’t forget that shirt/tie/pocket square combo (and belt colors) can be as colorful as you like!


Now I don’t think the founding fathers would have ever thought their very gentleman-like fashion would “devolve” into  this…

The Zoot Suit revamped... Please leave this in the early 20th century where it belongs!

The Zoot Suit revamped… Please leave this in the early 20th century where it belongs!


Men, know the history of your clothes. Learn what suits meant for a man and let’s get back to wearing them not only in the casket but make them a major part of your wardrobe! The way you present yourself is everything to women. Step your game up!



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