WTF?!?! Fridays- Where’s The Fun?

26 Apr

So it’s Friday and we’re looking for the fun for the weekend. As we all know next weekend is Cinco de Mayo and the big Mayweather fight on Pay-per-view.

There’s this website and they have these specials for all of the major “drinking” holidays (lol). They’re usually held in the East Andrews District or the Virginia Highlands Area and they are extremely fun. I’ve been to a few and I can tell you that these people truly know how to party. For a mere 20 bucks you get to partake in food specials, complimentary shots/beers and a plethora of people to mingle with throughout the entire day/night.

Cinco de Mayo event from last year. I'm ready for this year.

Cinco de Mayo event from last year. I’m ready for this year.


The St. Patrick's Day party was epic!

The St. Patrick’s Day party was epic!



Be sure to get your designated driver lined up because I do not condone drinking and driving at all. Call a cab, call a friend, call somebody just don’t drive!


Hope to see you guys there next weekend!



Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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