Fashion Icons: The Pencil Skirt Done Right…

20 May

Happy Monday, hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

The Pencil Skirt Done Right….

Over the years, women’s clothing has gone from fitted to skin-tight to baggy and have started over time and time again. It’s quite confusing for most of us men to watch them change their mind as often as they change their undies, but one of the permanent fixtures in a woman’s wardrobe has always been a nice skirt, and if their bold and confident enough it’s a pencil skirt.

The form-fitting silhouette hugs their curves but still gives that sophisticated look as well. This item is great work wear for the power player in the office and transitions to a night out on the town afterwards. Ladies, it’s okay to be a sophisticated, understated sexy in the workplace. Don’t let the stereotypes deter you from being as fashion forward as you would like to be at work.

Perfect work attire for corporate America…

Perfect to wear to work or an evening out.

You can also be playful with the look outside of work. You don’t necessarily have to wear a mini-skirt to show off those legs. Leaving a bit more to the imagination is always great.

Although these are dresses, you still get to see the “pencil-esque” silhouette and the covered yet extremely sexy look is perfectly achieved.

Sexy without showing too much..

Ladies, it’s getting warm so pull out those skirts! We <men> absolutely love to see them!!!!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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