WTF??!! Where’s the Food Thursdays…

23 May

I personally barbecue year round, but as the actual season for it approaches I thought I’d share with you guys the rules. Anything you’d like to add or you think that it should be removed let me know!!!

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Listen my children and you shall hear the sound of dinner as it sears.*

Memorial Day weekend marks the (unofficial) opening of grilling season.

Sure some people grill year round, but for the 14 weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day, (almost) everyone heads outside to cook, relax and socialize.

And while barbecuing and grilling out is about so much more than the meal itself, it is still essential to have the best equipment and ingredients.

After all, as a the proverb says, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

And besides, it is a competition (just like everything else!) and to be the best you have to have start with the best.

Lucky for you, the some of the best the US has to offer can be found below.

These sizzling American-made goodies will help you leave your neighbors, coworkers and in-laws choking on your…

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