Fashion Icons: The Pencil Skirt Done Wrong….

28 May

Good morning all! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, I sure did!

In my attempt to bring you guys varied content daily I missed a few days, but I’m back on track now…

Pencil Skirts can be done wrong!

Ladies, it takes more than a fitted skirt to be classified as such. Overly tight or extra baggy cannot be called such, hence the name. Take a look at the  skirts below to see how utterly wrong they are. Please ladies make sure you get a second opinion if you’re not sure.

I’m not sure what she’s trying to do here, I’m totally confused. Ladies please don’t try this at home, or anywhere for that matter!

The first picture here is how it originally looked, and the subsequent two are the horrible decline of such an iconic style. Somewhere in the world this is fashion, but I don’t agree.

Ladies, I’m sure you all know that a denim top and a spandex too tight pencil skirt are unacceptable in all avenues of life! Don’t do this or I will have to say something! It’s only right…

So ladies, the pencil skirt can be done wrong. As a matter of fact from the pictures above it can be done horribly wrong. Please don’t be a victim to this atrocity. I assure you that your man will not be pleased stepping out with you looking like this! (You see how Kanye is running from Kim in her horrible fashion choices as of late. lol) Don’t let yourself be a victim to this madness.

Have a great day, YEEK!!!!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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