Mistura: The Conversational Time Piece

29 May

So today’s WTF moment is actually my first major interview of the year. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Have you ever come across an item and it immediately sparked a very intellectual conversation amongst you, the clever owner of the item, and anyone else in the vicinity that has the opportunity to bask in the ambiance of such a masterpiece? It has been on very rare occurrences that I’ve been privy to such an opportunity, and after walking into Mistura I can proclaim that I have been granted a great experience once again.

Many items of our generation don’t garner as much enthusiasm as they once did in the past. Varied forms of artwork, plays, and books were once topics of mass conversations, now it’s all about the latest techno gadgets or ridiculously off-putting music. Mistura, an extremely innovative watch/accessory company established in 2005, has taken back conversation from the overpriced gadgets to these undoubtedly unique time pieces.

On last week, I had the esteemed pleasure of visiting with one of the best up and coming Watch designing companies in the world, Mistura. The name itself means “mixture” so I knew I was in for a treat upon arrival. And yes, I’m confidently saying the world. From the time you walk into the store your entire aura changes to mimic the stores atmosphere. Working with only eco-friendly items, the entire stores decor follows that schematic as well. Few display cases and a limited cache’ of watches line the wall but each tells a story of thousands of words.

Kevin and Chris, Store managers and “tour-guides” for that day, were great! The two gave me a thorough history of the company and its future wallgoals. As I listened, I must say that I was impressed by everything (and it takes a lot to do that!). The fact that four very young Colombian natives have taken this small business dreamt of while waiting tables to an internationally recognized company was astonishing. Juan, Felipe, Daniel, and Mateo-all have varied educational/career backgrounds but came together to make this business run as successfully as it does today. Mistura produces wooden wristwatches with nothing but raw materials. They make it a priority to maintain a high standard of sustainability and responsibility, ensuring good care of the natural resources they use in production. From material sourcing to clock winding, each timepiece takes a solid 85 hours to craft. Each piece is sliced at the optimum time and carefully handled, then laid to rest for approximately six months while the drying process occurs naturally.

The Collections

Wood Collection- The first of three, it focuses on the use of very exclusive types of wood that are only found in very few places throughout the world. Pui, Ebony, Purpleheart, Nogal, Guaimaro, Teak, Zebrawood, and Bamboo are used to create the difference pieces in the collection. Although they only use very few types of wood you will rarely see two of the exact same watches. Each watch has several variations to ensure that each owner will garner the attention and create the conversation of the moment.

wood wall

Green Collection-Through the use of recycled paper, aluminum, and plastic, Mistura pays tribute to the land by embracing its beauty and placing it within this collection. Any piece in this collection should be considered homage to our environment and all of its luminous beauty.

Green and Santa Elena (flower) collection displayed here.

Green and Santa Elena (flower) collection displayed here.

Santa Elena Collection- Also known as their flower collection, these unisex watches are geared more toward women. The use of real flowers is another testament to their zest for using only eco-friendly items and paying tribute to the environment for the beauty it gives us daily.

One of each displayed here.

One of each displayed here.

After explaining the collections, Kevin also noted that they do make other accessories including wallets and earrings all of the same materials of the watches. All made of eco-friendly materials as well. I keep reiterating that fact because so many companies complain about being eco-friendly costs too much .As you can see when you put your mind to being nature friendly it’s not true. Mistura is making it work and still offering affordable items to the artistic/environmentally friendly public. But, I digress.

Ladies, take care of the men in your life.

Ladies, take care of the men in your life.

Did I mention that all of the watches are customizable and interchangeable? If you don’t like the bands but love the face, for a little extra you can have an even more inimitable watch. How’s that for true exclusivity?! And because of this fact and the plethora of others I’ve stated, once you buy one Mistura conversational piece you’re hooked. Just knowing that you are doing you part to preserve the environment, you get a warm feeling inside and you never want it to end.

And let’s not forget about the amazing in-store customer service. Both Kevin and Chris were great. Juan the owner and manager over their district should be extremely proud of them and how well they represent this company. Kevin even shared that once at a festival, a potential customer was in love with his personal Mistura piece and he sold it to him on behalf of

And fellas, be sure to reciprocate the generosity.

And fellas, be sure to reciprocate the generosity.

the company right of his wrist! Now how is that for customer service?! And as Chris walked me through the stores setup more through the interview he mentioned why the room was arranged as it was-to invoke conversation, and it truly did. Every piece displayed furthered my inquisitiveness into the history of it. I could have listened to this all day, but the interview had to draw to an end.

So to end this remarkable interview I made sure to get all of their contact information.

They are currently in Perimeter Mall and have a new store opening this summer in Lenox Mall too. So check them out, you will definitely not be disappointed. And if you have ever been there and have purchased a watch, let me know what you think!




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