Sage Woodfire Tavern

30 May

Good day ladies and gents,

In today’s WTF moment (where’s the food!), I am highlighting a restaurant I attended recently. Enjoy!

I’ve been privy to visit one of Atlanta’s sexiest restaurants. So I arrive in the parking lot starving literally, it was one of those days that Fatboyfavs had another business meeting on the way to bringing you more great reading (LOL)…. Back to the story. As I’m approaching this beautifully constructed building I was greeted at the door by a very lovely hostess. So we receive our menus and begin to make our way to the bar area, all you could do is take in the perfectly dim lighting. At Every turn there was something sexier and sexier about the place. Leather is always a great way to win an adult crowd.

So after being seated my new friend Joe the bartender made his way over to ask my drink. I started off with my favorite Gentlemen Jack and cranberry he didn’t disappoint me in one bit. Joe made this drink heavenly to my palate. So as I sip my favorite drink I asked what your best starter dish is….you know what the reply was “EVERYTHING” my face was like really. We went thru all of the favorite ordered ones and I decided to try the Lump Crabmeat Mushrooms and “wow” was all I could say. The Mushrooms were perfectly cooked with all that crabmeat goodness. Joe won me over with telling me the truth. After I devoured the starter dish it was time to try the main course.

A Gentlemen’s Jack and Cranberry… A true ‘fatboyfav’

crab filled mushrooms

Since Joe had won me over I repeated the question what is your favorite and again he said “EVERYTHING” what am I going to do with Joe, and again we go through all the dishes. Just for someone to go through everything with his passion for his job shows that the owners have the right people in place now back to the food….I decided on the Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken – Wood fire Grilled Chicken Breast, Fresh Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes over Rosemary Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes & Sautéed Haricot Verts and Drizzled with Balsamic Reduction. The chicken was seasoned to perfection. The potatoes melted inside my mouth, on top of that the goat cheese was something different I’ve never had inside of chicken. Man, oh man this place was all that plus some.

Goat Cheesed Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breast.

Goat Cheesed Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breast.

My friend Joe also had one more drink I should try. This drink may not be as strong as my favorite but it played the part (Strawberry-Lemon Martini).

Strawberry Lemon Martini

Strawberry Lemon Martini

I left the restaurant knowing that anyone who goes will be treated as well as I was. I love fun sexy places and this place epitomizes it. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! Oh and did I mention that they turn this place into an all party around 11pm with a live dj on friday nights? Well go check them out and have fun!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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One response to “Sage Woodfire Tavern

  1. Kenya

    June 13, 2013 at 9:38 am

    Great place. A bit far from where I live but it was well worth the trip! I’d definitely recommmend it to everyone!


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