Fashion Icons: Brigitte Bardot

13 Jun

In 1970, sculptor Alain Gourdon used French actress Brigitte Bardot as the  model for a bust of Marianne — the symbol of France — and four years later Andy  Warhol captured her in an iconic pop art portrait. But Bardot — a curvaceous  blonde with a kittenish grin — wasn’t merely a muse: she was also a trendsetter.  She helped popularize the bikini by wearing two-pieces in films like Manina, the  Girl in the Bikini (1952). She’s also credited with sparking the trend of  knitwear with a wide neck that exposes both shoulders — the so-called “Bardot  neckline.” A former ballet dancer, she once asked designer Rose Repetto to make  shoes as light as her dance slippers. Voilà: the everyday ballerina  flat was born.
Although the European film industry was then in its ascendancy, Bardot was one of the few European actresses to have the mass media’s attention in the United States, an interest which she did not reciprocate; rarely, if ever, going to Hollywood. She debuted in a 1952 comedy film Le Trou Normand (English title: Crazy for Love). From 1952-56, she appeared in seventeen films; in 1953 she played a role in Jean Anouilh’s stageplay L’Invitation au château (Invitation to the Castle). She received media attention when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in April 1953.[12]Her films of the early and mid-1950s were generally lightweight romantic dramas, some historical, in which she was cast as ingénue or siren, often in varying states of undress. She played bit parts in three English-language films, the British comedy Doctor at Sea (1955) with Dirk Bogarde, Helen of Troy (1954), in which she was understudy for the title role but appears only as Helen’s handmaid, and Act of Love (1954) with Kirk Douglas. Her French-language films were dubbed for international release.

Ladies, this is who you have to thank for making those shoes you love so popular, long ago.

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One response to “Fashion Icons: Brigitte Bardot

  1. Kenya

    June 13, 2013 at 9:29 am

    I love ballerina flats… Great office wear and extremely comfortable…


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