WTF??!! La Tagliatella Restaurant

19 Jun

Hey everyone!

I been slacking on these posts, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes! I’m getting back on point!

La Tagliatella is a fairly new restaurant in Atlanta that captures the essence of the traditional Italian cuisine from the northern regions of Piamonte, Liguria, and Reggio Emilia and has added over twenty years of experience and dedication to serving up the genuine tastes of Italy. More than 6 million customers in this last year alone enjoyed in Italian cuisine in Europe and they have so graciously placed two locations here in Atlanta. The high quality menu, fine dining touches, incomparable ambiance and exceptional hospitality have made it a treat to come here for so many Atlanta patrons.

Insalata de Pisa (grilled vegetables in the shape of the leaning tower of Pisa).

The wait staff is very attentive, which is always a plus, and very knowledgable about the menu. They pride themselves at being at your beckoning to ensure that your experience here is monumental. They offer about 20 types of sauce and 20 types of pasta, from stuffed fresh pasta to the hard stuff. You are allowed to mix and match your pasta and sauce. And as stated before, your server will guide you with some popular combinations.


They have designed their menu so that guests can fully enjoy and share with each other, which to me is a great idea. I like the fact that I can attend a place with several friends but get a chance to experience the entire menu. Here are a few things from the menu that I plan to try soon:  Pizzas which are Napoletano-style; the carpaccio that is made with genuine buffalo mozzarella; salads in the shape of the tower of Pisa that are made with real grilled vegetables; risotto with duck Maigret; truffles (a fatboyfav); and Iberian pork (I’m adventurous so what the heck!). With a combination of more than 400 types of pasta and sauce,I’m sure everyone can make this a monthly ritual for a long time to come.

Salmon Pescatora with Rigatoni

Cheesecake della Tagliatella

If you’ve been here or plan to go anytime soon, be sure to come back and tell me about your experience! Sharing is caring… YEEK!!!

933 Peachtree St NE Ste 919

Atlanta, GA 30309 Neighborhood:

Midtown (678) 608-3188

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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