WTF??!! Men’s Summer Chic Fashion

27 Jun

I’m back on it!

So fellas,

I am severely disheartened by the fashion choices that many of you have been making for the summer. While walking through the mall the other day, I noticed that a pair of Lebron James shoes costs $260 before taxes. What the h@#$!!!!! It is truly time to step our game up. Here are a few looks that we need to start rocking. Time to hang up the sneakers unless we’re working out. The women are dressing to the nine’s and here we are with a basic tee or simple polo and the latest pair of Lebron’s that we’ve paid entirely too much for. That money could buy a nice pair of loafers and an outfit to go along with them. Don’t get me wrong I’d never dictate the way a man spends the money that he earns, but I do suggest that we be more strategic in how it’s spent.

Let’s look at a break down of the two different styles!

$279.99 for one pair… I can’t do it!!!

This is the latest pair of Lebron James, yeah they are kind of hot but I’d rather spend my money on something more debonair. I’ll save these for the weekend athletes and young boys who haven’t progressed into the grown man attire of today.            Let’s take a look at $300 dollars can get you.

Image of Men's Casual plaid check 2 tone dress shirt


Stacy Adams Wainwright loafers from Peltz shoes-  $59.99

1946 Vintage Berle Linen Shorts from Sierra Trading Post $54.95

Two tone plaid casual shirt from Tattee Boy Clothes- $55

Grand total $169.94. That doesn’t include taxes and shipping and handling but I’m still certain that it doesn’t come up to nowhere near the amount of one pair of Lebron James shoes. Round it off to a $215 and you still have about $85 to spend for a great night on the town! This outfit can get you in the most upscale places and mingle with the “rich” and look the par.

So it doesn’t always require you to pay 1000 bucks to look like half of it… Learn to shop smart!


Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’




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