Men’s Summer Sock Fashion Craze….

06 Jul

It’s Saturday and a gloomy day in Atlanta.

So recently I, like just about all other fashion forward men in the world, have gotten on this socks bandwagon. The colorful, fun, and most times outlandish designs have helped to brighten all men’s wardrobes. Many guys are going about it in several different ways. Some are dressing up their conservative suits for work with a pair of brightly designed socks chosen by their little ones, some are just picking up the brightest pair to be seen without regard to the fact that they may not work with what they are planning to wear them with, and you have those who are like me- very specific in the coordination of the color scheme as it relates to my bow tie, shirt, pants/shorts, socks, and shoes. I like to think that my specificity for things of this nature is very much appreciated by the onlookers of the world.

These are a bit on the conservative side but playful, nevertheless.

More of a summer casual feel.


Geek Chic…

And the classic staple that every man should have already experimented with: Colorful Argyle Socks. Fellas if you’re afraid of doing the highly drastic neon colors that I would probably embrace wholeheartedly, then stick with these. You will never go wrong.

I can tell you that I found a plethora of different colors and unique styles in several different Ross’ and Marshalls’ around the city. If you know of somewhere else I can go pick up a few pair let me know. I will travel for the right item!

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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