Fashion Icons: Christian Dior

15 Jul
 Christian Dior (1905-1957) was a famous French fashion designer who headquartered his couture label in Paris in 1946. The following year, he debuted the “New Look” which established his reputation: it has been described as “narrow shoulders, constricted waist, emphasized bust, and long, wide skirt. It was an utterly uncomfortable outfit and one hardly suited to any type of manual labor, but it nonetheless proved wildly popular. The New Look cemented Dior’s reputation, enshrined him as “the template for the designer as a celebrity,” and placed him on the cover of Time…
The picture on the left is of Mr. Dior’s first design that made the cover of time. To me the ensemble is timeless and perfect for the woman of that time, which was the late 1940’s. With the return of retro/vintage fashion, ladies do yourself rocking this anytime soon? And of course the picture on the right is of the man himself, the great Christian Dior. An icon that must be acknowledged in any fashion conversation.
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