Crocs CEO Plans Product Expansion Beyond Polarizing Clogs

17 Jul

Since I just wrote an article about the comfort and casual Croc, I figure I’d share with you guys a little bit more pertinent financial information in regards to the company! Go get you a pair!

Style & Design

Crocs—those chunky, bright resin clogs that took the world by storm eleven years ago—have their fair share of haters. There are angry websitesarticles and even catchy YouTube music videos dedicated to the eradication of the footwear. But the ranks of people not so keen on the clogs has one unexpected member: Crocs CEO John McCarvel.

In a recent interview with Businessweek, McCarvel said that the brand is seeking to expand beyond the polarizing clogs. His goal of doubling sales in five years has required focusing on other footwear, like wedges and sneakers. The company has even come out with a rubbery version of the trendy docksider style, as well as leopard-print ballet flats.

Crocs, which skyrocketed in popularity around 2006, took a big hit during the recession, and many began to wonder (and some, to hope) if the era of the clownish shoes was over. With an…

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