WTF??!! Cafe Circa: Don’t Believe the Hype!

18 Jul

It’s Friday eve, Yeek!!!!

Last Friday, I went out with a few friends to Cafe Circa to celebrate a couple friends’ birthday. It was all of our first time and I had heard a few horror stories, but I decided to go anyway. What a major disappointment.

The reservation was for 9pm on the rooftop, but as we approached the hostess told us we could go up and check if there was room. Wait isn’t that what reservations are for? As we approached the top and seated ourselves, the server greeted us and gave us menus which he sat on the wet table. They print their paper menus daily so the water ultimately soaked through before we could fully review it. We all ordered a round of drinks which took about 10 minutes to come back which was fine because we were just taking in the whole scenery.

Once our drinks arrived in the clear plastic cups you give out at house parties, i considered that strike one. What well established restaurant serves out of a clear Solo Plastic Cup! At least they could have been a better grade of plastic cups. While drinking that super weak margarita in that plastic cup and everyone else feeling the same, we decided to order some food. Going around the table we ordered several different things, which included:

  • salmon cake- a dry version of what you’d make on for the family on a saturday morning for breakfast.
  • fried plantains- not a fan personally but I was told it wasn’t good at all. Philip, friend of a friend, got a plate that consisted of 6 and only ate 1!
  • jerk chicken wings- Now these were good, I must admit it. One thing they got right
  • quail and waffles- quail was undercooked. I know that they were trying something different but I’m not sure this was the way to go
  • fried green tomatoes- the only thing that was good! Thick cut and fried to perfection.

All smoke and mirrors!!!

After sitting  around trying to enjoy our night, we noticed that everyone around us had actual glasses. Martini glasses, wine glasses, etc. I was highly offended by this! I was able to talk to the floor manager and he said that its customary to only use plastic cups on the roof in fear that they will throw them over. I was flabbergasted by that comment. I can understand the possible fear but why aren’t all the cups/glasses uniform. I’m sure that they’ve made enough money (everything was extremely overpriced) to either get decent plastic cups to serve to everyone or trust that their guests are responsible enough to use glasses. If they [the customers] do throw something over the top then they are held responsible.

After talking with the manager about our disappointment for the evening, he offered us all a free shot. Me being a connoisseur of good liquor, I was expecting to get a shot of something of quality. Instead they brought us a round of “pink panties”. You know the drink: pink lemonade and some cheap vodka. The staple of all house parties. Horrible. Strike 2.

Strike 3- The restroom. Yes that is singular. One single restroom with a “frosted’ window. The frosting was so light that you could see the color of whomever was inside clothing.

That was the final straw, I definitely had to leave. We paid our tabs, which the server didn’t get right the first time around, and left.

I don’t recommend this restaurant to anyone. It was overpriced, overrated, and basically all smoke and mirrors.If you check out their website it looks very elegant. Fooled me.

Oh and I would add pictures, but I really don’t want to give them any more publicity than I have to.

Just one of ‘fatboyfavs’

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