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Mother’s and Fashion…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers out there who love us all unconditionally.Without your love, guidance (although sometimes unwarranted), and wisdom many of us wouldn’t be the incredible people that we are today. So from me to you, thank you.

Many moms have either helped or hindered our fashion choices as kids, but they ultimately helped shaped our fashion choices of today. All of us didn’t grow up with such fashion-forward parents like the kids of today. The chic Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale didn’t groom us to be a rock-star legend from the womb! And we didn’t have Will and Jada allowing us to express ourselves by cutting all of our hair off and getting piercings before puberty. And that’s not meant to judge them as parents, just noting the fact that it was something outside the norm for many of us.

Regardless of the fashion choices made, moms around the world please know that you are the reason that there is any good inside of us and the world as a whole. Moms give us hope and prove that in this harsh cruel world we can always go back to mom and feel the love we need to be rejuvenated to get back out there and take on life once more.

So Mom’s, enjoy your day!!! Worry about the other stuff tomorrow!

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